Raining Red

Raining Red like anything else, started off as an idea. However, this wasn’t any normal idea, it was driven by passion to start a “BIG House”, “Camp”, a “granddaddy’s farm”! A place for everyone to land and call home. If you didn’t have one of these growing up then this door is also open for you.

Raining Red captures creative content in the outdoors with a cinematic approach. We want to be your “Camp” for camaraderie. Our goal is to make you feel apart of the family. At Raining Red, we grew up in an outdoors lifestyle and want to share what “Camp” is to us with others. We want to share this lifestyle with those who want to learn more about it! This industry is ever evolving, so we will educate where we can, but most importantly we want to learn and grow together. We also want to swap stories around “Camp”! 

We aren’t the big name, well known guys in this industry! We are average guys who enjoy this lifestyle while working to support our passion. We have families with wives and kids and like to consider ourselves average ole Joe’s! Join us on our journey and let us welcome you to the family! 

Trey Spillers-Hunter/Angler/Host

Trey doesn’t know a life without hunting. The old family homestead known as the “big house”, nestled amongst the pines of north Louisiana, is where Trey spent many hunting seasons starting before he was old enough to walk.  Trey moved to Texas with his mom at an early age where he later started hunting west Texas with friends from childhood. Hunting was a way of life and the passion fuels him still today. From the Louisiana piney woods and Texas pan handle to the mountain ranges of the western big game, Trey is on “the pursuit of the super ten” a personal goal and ambition of his. Trey also enjoys tournament bass fishing with his dad and waterfowl hunting. Trey Spillers is also an official Measurer for Pope & You g and Boone Crockett Club! Trey Spillers is also an official Measurer for Pope & Young and Boone Crockett Club! When Trey isn’t hunting you can find him back home in Texas as a Custom Home builder where he and his wife Megan raise their two kiddos Wrenley & Quade!

Quade Spillers

Hunter/Angler/Mini Co Host

Quade at the age of 4 picked up a long bow where he started his own pursuit for birds in the backyard. Full of determination and a passion for his bow, he has yet to connect but still eager to try. Quade often shoots long bows with Poppa (Trey’s Father In Law) and loves being outside. Quade enjoys fishing trips with his daddy and pop pop (Trey’s Dad). He takes his place on the front deck when it’s time to wet a line. Quade is currently practicing and getting ready for the upcoming deer season where he is on his pursuit to check the deer box of the Super Ten! Stay tuned for this kiddos upcoming season and efforts to fill his buck tag!

Logan “Roper” Spillers


Logan like his older brother Trey grew up in a family that hunted and fished often and he too knows the outdoors as a way of life. Put Logan in a deer stand, bass boat or behind a duck call and he feels at home and calls that a perfect day. Logan has a strong passion for waterfowl hunting and loves shooting hogs and whitetail deer with his bow. You’ll find Logan around “Camp” with his older brother deer hunting, fishing and always looking for the next waterfowl adventure!