Pursuit of the Super 10

Raining Red’s Archery Elk Hunt – New Mexico

We had success in New Mexico,
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“Raining Red driven by a way of life and a passion that runs deep into history for the love of the outdoors. We are outdoorsmen who have lived a life full of hunting, fishing and camping. Our love for the outdoors has been passed down through many generations of outdoorsmen. Lessons of sportsmanship, conservation and being stewards of the land run true with our beliefs. Raining Red is your “camp” to swap hunting, fishing and outdoor stories presented with a cinematic approach. We are currently on the “Pursuit of the Super Ten” and invite you to join us as we pursue some of the greatest animals of North America in some of the most majestic locations”! ~Trey Spillers

Recent Events

Archery Elk Hunt – New Mexico 2021

Two large bulls were put down in the New Mexico Archery Hunt! We weren't sure if we would be able to do this within just a few days, but it looks like our expertise paid off. Through blood, sweat and tears we accomplished another goal of ours!

Tajikistan Hunt, Tajikistan Ibex
Mid Asian Ibex Tajikistan, Jan. 7th - 14th, 2023

Raining Red will be packing up and headed out to accomplish a dream we've had for a long time now. Trey Spillers is looking forward to hunting the Ibex of Tajikistan! Stay tuned for this international expedition into the unknown!

Upcoming Events

Musk Ox Hunt 2022

The Musk Ox located in remote areas of Greenland will be an experience for the books! Musk Ox can weigh up to 900lbs. Trey Spillers is looking forward to pursuing what he calls, the most Pre-Historic looking animal of the super ten! Stay tuned!

Mid Asian Ibex, Tajikistan

We are looking forward to another White Tail and Mule Deer hunt in the Texas Pan Handle! We hunt this area all season from October through December and spend time with family at the camp!

Dall Sheep- Super 10 Hunt
Dall Sheep Hunt 2023

Trey Spillers & Hunting Buddy Justin Houston will head to the Alaskan range to trek the remote back country of Alaska. Sheep Shape is a thing and preparation starts now, in hopes for success on the elusive Dall Sheep!

What is the Super 10?

The Super Ten of North American big game has become the most popular award within the Grand Slam Club. Hunters from around the world have begun to aspire to this milestone. To accomplish the Super Ten, one must do a lot of big game hunting in many different parts of North America. Furthermore, one must hunt not only the mountain species but the broad range of antlered game, and yes, the predators too. Raining Red is on this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all. Visit our Gallery page to learn more.

“In order to tell stories no one has ever heard, you must be willing to go places no one has ever been” ~Trey Spillers

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